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Our website development process has evolved from years of experience to efficiently pull together the development process, address the needs and goals of the client, and create websites that perform well on search engines from the get-go.

Our Website Design Process

  • Discovery! IMAGE Web Design will discuss your business and get a thorough understanding of what your requirements and expectations are for your website. many times a client does not know exactly what the goal of their website should be - IMAGE Web Design will plan an effective website and help set goals for your online project. A clear definition of your website's goals is essential prior to planning.
  • Competitive analysis - once we have established the requirements and goals IMAGE Web Design will review the online competition. We will be reviewing for design, usability, search engine visibility.
  • Keyword research - after a competitive analysis has been completed IMAGE Web Design will do a basic keyword research to determine the best overall key words for your website to target.
  • Proposal - IMAGE Web Design will create an initial proposal, outlining the functions and features of your website. A time-line and content "shopping list" is also provided to gather the required content and materials to start the job. Once we receive your deposit IMAGE Web Design will begin creating your website.
  • Planning / Prototyping - A detailed website plan that meets the required features is created. Your new website will be built around both the targeted key words and the features and functions required for your website goals. Once approved IMAGE Web Design will create a prototype website and begin by adding all links text and the overall website structure. This will result in a website with all copy, links and programming (if needed) completed and approved.
  • Design (the fun part) - Once the prototype website has been approved IMAGE Web Design will Design a beautiful and usable website that projects your message and branding into the internet and results in a higher conversion rate.
  • Review - the new website complete with design is reviewed by stakeholders and any changes needed are completed.
  • Launch! - Once final payment is received IMAGE Web Design will load your website into it's hosting account and provide an initial training session for sites with a custom CMS and be available for support.
  • Promotion - After the site has been launched and everyone is up to speed it's time to start your Search Engine Marketing or develop your E-Mail Marketing campaign.



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