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Social Media Optimization

IMAGEWeb Design uses the best social media has to offer to get your business noticed with visible results seriously fast.  Social media can be used alongside our search engine optimization services to deliver fast results.  There are literally thousands of social media websites but you will need to select the best one for your target audience and we are the experts to do the work for you.

We will outline a plan that is customized to your particular business.  Whether you need social media content like blog creation, article writing, profile generation or social networking or creating viral videos and posting them to YouTube we can handle your unique plan of attack. 

We can create a truly custom marketing plan based on your specific targeted audience so no time or unnecessary money is wasted.  With social sites reaching such a massive audience it is essential for all new business to tap into this new wealth of potential customers and networking opportunities.  Along with our Search Engine Marketing and link building plans Social Media Optimization is a sure fire way to propel your company to the top of the competition. 

A List of possibilities for your custom features our plan will include:

  • Face book Business Page Setup and marketing plan
  • Twitter Page set up and maintained
  • Business promotional pages set up and submitted
  • Blog creation and posts made at variable intervals and site locations
  • Press releases created and posted to site locations
  • Content submissions to your website that is optimized for the search engines and has the correct keyword density needed.
  • Video optimization to places such as YouTube or DailyMotion.
  • Social Book marking to place such as:  Stumble upon, Delicious,  Reddit,  Furl, and Spurl
  • Link building strategies which include:
    • editorial interviews
    • Directory submissions
    • Authoritive directories
    • Social book marking
    • article submission
    • manual link requests to related sites with a high page rank
  • Blog commenting

Think of this plan as the best of the world of social media has to offer your company with so many extras.

If you are interseted in finding out more on how IMAGE Web Design and create a social media optiization plan to bring your site more visitors call 941-564-9323 or request a free consultation


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