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The Essentials of Search Marketing

Competitive Analysis & Keyword Research

Competitive Analysis - Who are your online competitors? How strong are they? What are their weaknesses?

Search engine marketing starts with a competitive analysis. IMAGE Web Design will review your businesses online niche, and determine the goals and tasks required to achieve page one results. Most businesses will have to compete online with both national companies and local businesses. A competitive analysis will give you the information you need to achieve your online goals.

Keyword Research

Once a competitive analysis has been completed IMAGE Web design will complete a thorough keyword research report. Selecting the right keywords to target is essential for a good return on investment (ROI). Many times smaller business just starting their online presence will have to compete with major national companies with enormous resources to promote their website's - because of this, a smaller company may get a better ROI by targeting more specific keywords or by including other terms related to their location with the overall search engine optimization (SEO) goals.

An accurate and realistic keyword strategy can determine the difference between a good return or swimming up stream.

IMAGE web design will discover the correct keyword strategy for effective results with a variety of budgets.


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