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Steps to Running An Effective Pay Per Click Marketing Campaign In A Nutshell

1. Make a list of keywords from a keyword selector tool that will lead to buyers. Think like a buyer. What words would they use to buy your product or service. Use 10- 20 keywords at least. Include: the company name, trademark product and terms, other companies names, synonyms of words, obvious spelling mistakes, and use domain names. Specific is better than general.

2. Although, Google, Yahoo and Bing are the best PPC systems. There are second tier systems that are much less per click and you could still end up with a decent ROI.

3. You don't need to be the highest bidder. You can be third or forth and still get good results for a lot less money.

4. Content matching systems like Kontera could pose useful to your company. They place ads in content matching systems on well known site such as Discovery.com, USA Today.com, Cars.com just to name a few.

5. Learn how to calculate your ROI (Return On Investment). This is the amount of money you make after investing in your PPC campaign. Calculating return on investment is simple. Just divide the gross profit for the campaign by the cost of the campaign.

Gross profit per. campaign/ cost of all the clicks= ROI

For example, your gross profit for all the sales generated by the ppc campaign is $12,000, and you spent 21,000 on clicks. No, you haven't lost money; remember the 12,000 is the gross profit after paying for the cost of the advertising. ( So, in fact, the gross profit for the campaign before subtracting the PPC costs, is 33,000.

Gross Profit Per. Sales (33,000)- Cost of all the clicks (21,000)= Gross Profit Per. Campaign (12,000)

Now you can calculate the ROI: divide 12,000 by 21,000, and you end up with ROI=

(0.57, or 57%)

I just want to make this clear. Remember, that you have actually made a profit. This ROI figure means that when you spend a dollar on advertising you have generated enough sales to give you the dollar back and another 57 cents. So an ROI of 57 cants means that you spent a dollar, and got $1.57 back.

Sometimes there is a negative return this is of course a bad thing. Look at this example:

Gross Profit per campaign (-1,400.00) / Cost of all Clicks ( $ 15,000.00)= ROI

( -0.093, or - 9.3%)

In other words you had a " negative return on investment" of 9.3 percent. For every dollar you spent, you lost 9.3 cents.

6. Essential factors to a successful Campaign are:

  • High Gross profit per sale

  • High Conversion Ratio

  • Low Cost per Click

  • Low Click Fraud ratios

7. Make a great landing page for your ad that has a definitive call to action. Make sure that everything the buyer needs to make a conversion is on that page. This is essential.

8. What makes your product better than the competition and be clear and direct with your message.

9. Try Call to action phrases such as; register now, save 60%, and buy at wholesale to name a few.

10. Test your ads to see which ones are sending more conversions your way. Also, test your landing pages.

11. Understand the bidding process for each of the PPC systems.

Running an effective PPC campaign can be a rewarding way to get your business off the ground. Image web design provides set up and management of your ppc campaign on a monthly basis and would be happy to set up the process on your behalf.
posted by Stephanie Williams on Fri., Oct 1st, 2010 in Pay Per Click



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