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The Rise of "Inbound Marketing"

Inbound marketing; the new direction of online marketing is challenging traditional marketing by focusing on delivering for a more selective consumer.

Traditional broadcast and impression-based media or "outbound marketing" focuses on brand awareness through methods such as trade shows, print ads, television and other types of expensive broadcast media. Trends now show the old way of marketing is on the way out, just ask any newspaper or magazine about their ad revenues and shrinking readership if you want proof.

With the invention of tivo, people can just scan over all the commercials rendering them completely useless. More consumers are also subscribing to a wider array of closed media such as Netflix instant download, virtually shutting out all possibility of an advertisement being seen. With high-speed internet now widely available, most consumers are prone to research thier next purchase through the internet.

The result of the new, emerging media choices available to consumers is TV, newsprint, and even glossy magazine advertising are not nearly as effective for advertisers as they once were. This may work to level the playing field for advertisers of any size.

It is clearly an exciting time for small to mid sized companies to challenge their larger counterparts with new and innovative ideas because they do not need to buy expensive television air time anymore or pricey ineffectual print ads. Delivering the information for what consumers are searching for is what is driving the future of business today. It is now recommended that business earn their customer's time by publishing useful information that informs the customer on their interests.

Consumers are now extremely aware and do much more research before making a purchase.

They do so on many social media network channels like company blogs, twitter posts, facebook profiles, and linked in business contacts. The percentage of use through these channels has risen quite rapidly. Companies who blog frequently have shown an increase of 66- 88% in their monthly lead generation if they blog 52 or more articles a month. Twitter has also become a huge part of business interaction today with its use increasing by 15% monthly. Profile pictures have also become an important aspect of marketing a company. If there is a picture of yourself and your company the average number of people who will follow you on twitter rises dramatically.

It is amazing to see the statistics of online marketing today and it is also refreshing to note that a great deal of small companies can and will compete in today's market with an even larger company. Now, it is all about the consumer not about the big companies new product.

In conclusion, a new company needs to be ready for these changes by optimizing their site for improved organic search engine results and organize the content of their site for the needs of the consumer. Target the marketing message to answer the questions that the consumer may have about the product or service that is being sold. Hold an open dialog with your customers that show them that you have their needs in mind because consumers today are quite knowledgeable and they do their homework.

Sources: David Meerman Scott. (2010). The New Rules of Marketing and PR. How to Use Social Media, Blogs, News Releases, Online Video, and Viral Marketing to Reach Buyers Directly. Hoboken, N.J.: John Wiley & Sons. Inc.
posted by Stephanie Williams on Sun., Sep 26th, 2010 in web marketing



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