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Good Riddance IE 8, IE7 And Especially IE6!

Internet explorer 6 witchDing dong the witch is dead! - Microsoft's latest showing in the browser wars, IE9 is actually an excellent product! Better still Internet Explorer 9 will NOT run on Windows XP. For those of us who have had to suffer hour after hour testing and "dumbing down" our website designs for the benefit Microsoft's inept browsers IE 6 (may it rot) IE7 and less so but still a pain (compatibility mode? You've gotta be kidding) IE8, this is welcome news. Not only does internet explorer 9 display the latest html and javascript as expected, the performance is outstanding. During my test of the IE9 beta, it easily matched or surpassed the page rendering of FireFox. Fans of Google Chrome and Safari will appreciate the new streamlined look and efficient use of space. Internet explorer 9 has excellent support for html5 as shown in Microsoft's IE9 test drive page- a great place to experience the much improved performance.

Much to the chagrin of corporate accountants everywhere the real test of IE9 won't come from cutting edge web designers, the latest apps, jquery plug-ins for social websites, no I'm afraid the greatest test will be when the offices across the land who have been refusing to update their software, hardware and internet browsers will soon have little choice. More and more of business and business processes are moving to the web. When the essential online apps begin pushing to make use of better usability offered by the advances of html5 and more complex client scripting, the old office clunkers will need to be put to pasture or risk driving the staff nuts while dragging productivity into the mud.

Unfortunately you can bet there will still be a few die-hards grinding away with XP /IE6 when Charlton Heston returns to earth to find that Apes have taken over - but for web designers everywhere the days of wasting energy making your sites display correctly in IE6 because the client's senior VP refuses to upgrade are numbered!

The release of constraints on website developers from out of date browsers will usher in a new era of web development possibilities. Web designers will be free to take advantage of html5 to create truly amazing websites that offer both a richer user experience and higher performance.
posted by Glenn Williams on Mon., Sep 20th, 2010 in web design web software



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