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Usability and SEO can work together.

It is important to keep the principle of usability in mind when creating a website because it will help keep visitors on your site and lead to more conversions. More conversions means that your site will produce the result you had hoped for. Just getting visitors should not be the most important goal. It is what the users experience that will help to make a site great or not. These days it is not acceptable to have just an average site. There is just too much competition. What should take precedence in your site design? You do need visitors and you must also make the search engines happy. Luckily, both tasks can be accomplished fairly easily. Just keep in mind that you can reach these two objectives equally.

The confusion arises when marketers and designers make SEO a priority over the design. It is an obvious issue. The site will come up but it is a mess in its design quality. The reverse can be pointed out as well. The design is wonderful but there is little or no organization for content and the sight is invisible to the search engines. Although some techniques very clearly support either usability or search engine optimization- users simply don't care if your page is W3C- compliant or not as long as it loads properly. For example the two objectives will never come into conflict as long as things are proportionately balanced.

Usability ImprovementSEO Benefit
Do research to see how your users are finding youCombines with keyword research
Develop landing pages that are best for the targeted search queryOptimize the pages around the keywords
Build a large network of links leading to your site so more people can find it. Must be relevant links.Helps create an expert quality about your site.
Make navigation clear and easy to followAllows search engine spiders to navigate your site more easily
Write clear copy that states exactly what you offerHelps search engines determine the meaning of the pages.
Use words that clarify termsHelps relevancy of the searched terms
Use a fast stable serverSpeeds the search engines so they do not get caught up on missing pages.

So when you are thinking about the principles of SEO and Usability and which is more important. The answer is that they are both important and necessary for the success of a site. Build the best site you can from the ground up and like a well designed building it will stand the test of time.
posted by Glenn Williams on Wed., Aug 25th, 2010 in usability



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