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Business Management Leader Launches New Website With IMAGE Web Design

Image Web Design announces the new launching of ATTN:L's new website. It features a custom content management system with an embedded wordpress blog that has been fully branded. The total finished design is a beautiful highly functional site at an amazingly affordable price.
New sites using wordpress blogs can help one realize a beautiful website that performs quickly at an amazing price. This kind of site was developed with the non-tech savvy content managers in mind. Fully integrated media tools make it easy to embed and manage pictures, videos, sound clips, galleries, as well as PDF's, spreadsheets, and other attachments. Full content revision history allows you to roll back to previous versions of content. It even allows the editor to compare to versions side by side at any time.
ATTNL's founder Andrew Olwert, a nationally recognized business leader, is very happy with his newly designed site. It has been a huge asset to his business which has been to provide business consulting tailored to fit the long term success of ones company. ATTN:L researches and executes a plan for your business that ensures the long term profitability and viability of one's company both now and for its future plans and growth.
Image web design is proud to produce and manage such a fine website for its client ATTN:L because they provide such and excellent service for a company that wants your business to succeed.

posted by Glenn Williams on Wed., Aug 25th, 2010 in website launches



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