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SEO Isn't Everything - Great Web Design Gets More Sales

The internet marketing industry is in a funny state these days. With the economic downturn it seems every time you turnover a rock underneath is a SEO "expert" or web design company that can "Guarantee" your site on page one in Google. For the sake of brevity we will overlook the fact that most of these guys are salesman who can barely find the power button on their computers, never mind get your site ranking for competitive key words. A major point many SEO "experts" overlook when giving their schpeel is what happens after the client has spent all of that money and successfully landed an organic search visitor on their website. Virtually all of the effort is wasted if the visitor does not convert to a sale in one form or another. Now lets be clear, a "sale" can take many forms depending on the goal of your website, including a contact form submission, a referral, a subscription, a phone call or a monetary transaction to name a few - but getting that sale instead of a bounce depends heavily on the design of the website. How attractive is it? how fast does it load? Is the website easy to navigate and does it greet visitors with what they expect to find? A well-designed website will need to to all of those things effectively to produce the best results.

A growing trend these days with budgetary pressures from all sides, is to go with a templated open source app offered with many hosting accounts and pack it full of keywords to strain for search engine ranking. While a site like this may cost little and may eventually begin to rank for some keywords it will produce a low amount of conversions or visitor loyalty, and many times if the design is substandard compared to the competing websites may actually work to subvert the image of your company.

To create a truly successful website a well rounded approach must be taken. SEO is a major component of any successful site but only a component, other factors that must work well are excellent usability, attractive design and content your targeted visitors will find useful or entertaining. By going the extra mile and having a professional design that reflects our company and your message visitors will reward your website with greater conversions and repeat visits. If you are looking to upgrade your website's image or effectiveness or need a new website please contact the website design pros at IMAGE Web Design for a free consultation.
posted by Glenn Williams on Wed., Aug 25th, 2010 in search engine optimization usability web design



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