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Analytics Matters... Your website visitors are speaking - listen!

One of the most crucial and overlooked tasks many website owners do not do, is reviewing the analytics! Reviewing your website's analytics reports on regular basis is essential . Website owners and webmasters can discover unexpected opportunities, serious errors or a need to improve the content of a page.

For a brand new website the analytics data is useful for tracking your website's progress in visits, time on site and more. A new site can benefit from regular analytics reviewing by allowing the webmaster or content publishers adjust the content to guide the visitor to a conversion and be sure the visitors are shown the essential content for that website. The earlier these adjustments are made the better - many established websites suffer from content that does not get to the point fast enough or usability problems that are getting in the visitors way.

For a well established website, tracking visitor behavior through reviewing analytics becomes even more valuable by showing you what your visitors are REALLY thinking about your website or article. Many times the business owner or web developer assumes "my visitors will look at these pages" and it turns out hardly anyone is actually viewing the page or that they leave immediately after viewing it, a term called a "bounce". These issues once discovered can be corrected and bring the conversion success rate of the web site up fast. Many times the actual visitor tracking shows surprising results and can uncover otherwise missed opportunities.

An example of discovering a hidden opportunity, the website owner or webmaster reviews the analytics data for keywords visitors entered to find your website and the keywords are totally unexpected. Looking back further similar keywords are discovered - as a result the site owner posts an article on the topic of the new key words and receives more visits and new customers as a result.

IMAGE Web design has used analytics data to effectively improve e-commerce conversion rates for online retailers and increase the weekly sales - just by observing some opportunities and some areas that required improvement and making the adjustments.

Reviewing the analytics reports can prevent website owners from spending time and money on items the visitor is not terribly interested in, uncover opportunities or illustrate that a page crucial to your business is not very successful and needs an update. If you are not sure what visitors really think about your website contact IMAGE web design for a review of your website's analytics.
posted by Glenn Williams on Wed., Aug 25th, 2010 in usability web marketing website content



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